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The sands of time are speeding beneath my feet once again. Even in the midst of such a period of standstill turmoil such as this, I can feel it. Tugging at me. My face reminds me of that ever-present mortality, and things will only accelerate. I don't have any recourse -- I must accelerate with it. Languidness will not serve me any longer; indeed, it has only ever caused me problems. I must throw myself into... well, myself.

Quicker, most intensely, with more focus and dedication. I sometimes despair at choosing what to focus my energies on, so I'm left with the idleness of despair. I must (and am starting to, slowly) realize that there are a myriad of things that I don't need to choose that deserve my attention. I need to clear the runway. I must.
For an artist or creative soul, fewer things are ever in shorter supply than moments of inspiration. But you know we all know that old quote: "Success is 10% inspiration, 90% perspiration." I think it's important to not wait around for inspiration to strike to actually do something  creative. It has to be routine, like almost a chore, that once you get in the habit, you will do it continually, and continually improve at it. Life should be a journey of consistent excellence.

I don't want to settle. And I think the only way to not settle is to be comfortable with myself, so comfortable that I'm able to do almost anything I want without the need for company or the inhibitions that people would normally have about trying something new alone, and without companionship, support, or someone they know to try it with them. 'New' should be a little bit scary and a lot exciting, not the other way around.

I need to organize my life, I need to find that energy that will put me at a better place, in a better environment. I need to revel in the sweat of productivity, and the satisfaction of progress. I must push forward because it makes me feel good. The long haul will be possible no other way.
Oh christ, those four days in Cabo San Lucas were amazing. I mean, yes, just getting out of the county, but more than that. So much more.  The entire summer has been one long period of anticipation, of one trip after another. So, I'm glad that after those months of wait, the DDYC guy trip finally came about, and came about in such a way that will remain embedded in my mind for a long time to come (despite the efforts of over-drinking to erase many of those memories).

As my mother drove me to San Jose International, she commented (as did Jon and James) on my mode of appearance. With a sharp looking tie and nice pants, I looked as if I was on a business trip to maybe the midwest or the east coast, and not to sunny sunny Mexico. As I told my friends, it was because of Donald Draper more than anything else, although they didn't seem to sense my apprehension of them mentioning the show's name throughout the airport. At this point, it's still a very minor but loud-spoken group that has become fans of the show. And I do my best to promote it to men at the same time as discouraging women to see it. I mean, seriously, how can any of us compare to Jon Hamm or John Slattery in a suit?  The smoking and excessive drinking only add to their appeal, only one of which I will choose to do. Let's not mention their affluence and impeccable sense of style and manners.

Whoa, that was a tangent. Enough about Mad Men. We had an amazing time. Krishna and Navang met us later the same day we had landed in Cabo, after we had made arrangements to put our rooms next to each others'. Best for everyone, really. There's so much to write down, actually. I know probably should (for posterity's sake), but I'm really not in any kind of sentimental or nostalgic mood quite yet. Between the Infinity Pool at Riu Santa Fe, to the town's Pink Kitty, to the bachelorette party at Nikki beach, it was a wild and amazing time. Even our star run-in with Ice-T wasn't a real highlight.  Suffice to say that I may make another effort at the Cabo trip in a later, and perhaps differently placed, entry at a later date, but I can say that was the most awesome trip I have taken anywhere.

Classes at the Academy started the same week I returned from Mexico. I've done all of my transfers for my classes, to consolidate the number of days I have to commute into the city. Now, instead of hours and hours and extra money for the Caltrain ride I would've had to have sacrificed for a 4-day-a-week schedule to SF, it's now down to a manageable 2 days a week. Just Mondays and Tuesdays. Which means I better not let the 5-day weekends distract me from the very real amount of work I have laid out for me, laid out for myself. Also, I've contacted and connected with Vera and Diana after a long period of silence. Vera is of course doing better, despite the many trials in her life right now, and I'm glad she's amiable to the idea of keeping contact with each other. Struggles will only build character and fortitude, and I know she's going to strengthen from all of this. Doctor Diana has let me know that she's now a "real doctor", even as I told her that whatever that means, I always thought she was one anyways. I mean, not just any Jane can run the Oakland's Children's Hospital now. It's good to hear that things have been getting better for her, and less busy maybe, now that she's on her next stage of her career. I haven't seen her in so long, but it's good to hear she's doing well. And then there's SpicyKabob. For a social salamander, I've become quite the revealed specimen. All of my meandering and defenses won't avail me if internally, I want to be helpless.  And believe me, I never want to be helpless. I don't think wallz will help. Not that I could build any significant kind of blockade, even if I wanted to. When someone slips underneath the surface, making fences atop the turf isn't going to do me any good.

All in all, it's been a funny and strangely touching transition between summer and fall. Work calls, and I have drawings to attend to. I just figured I'd get some down in paper, instead of letting it sit heavily on the head. Can't draw with a sore neck, now can we?
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aaalyssaaa Featured By Owner Aug 30, 2010
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chuong Featured By Owner Aug 31, 2010  Student Digital Artist
Hey, thank you! And thanks for the +favs as well :)
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SO are you working on any new projects? Hows your CAPS going? Maya is a difficult piece of software.Well, let me know. Later.
chuong Featured By Owner Apr 27, 2009  Student Digital Artist
Yeah, I'm so behind on the in-class projects, that I can't even do much of my own stuff right now. And you know, I used to work with other 3d programs that were so much more intuitive than maya, like the video game industry standard 3DStudio MAX and even Lightwave, so I'm struggling to figure out why Maya is so awkward, IMO. As far as 3d programs go, I think the ones that are best suited for the artist-artist is Lightwave.

And of course, I was too sick to make it to class last week, but I'll see u tmrw man.
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MyFinalWhisper Featured By Owner Sep 24, 2006
Yep, she is, or rather looks vietnamese. She pronounces it like... New-en. Most of our lecturers don't understand it so she calls herself Jen Yen.

Sounds like you had a good weekend. I'm moving house today, so must be off.
MyFinalWhisper Featured By Owner Sep 21, 2006
I know someone with the same interesting surname as you.
She's in my Photography class, thought I would tell you. =P
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